I Need A Favor

RE: I need a favor.

Yes, yes. Okay, so I have this teeny-tiny little goal that you can help with. I want to become the number 1 Amazon Associate (affiliate). Whew! Alright, I said it.

I believe in making a difference. Many (especially girls) will be inspired when they hear my story. I want girls (and boys) to dream big. I guess I kind of get that from my Dad (his website is todayhaspower). You’re welcome Daddy! Anyhoo, it will be motivation for many to start something they didn’t think that they could. Of course, it will help me pay for college (or buy one of my very own:)

You’re just a young girl, is it possible?
Of course. I’ve read over 2k books. I’ve also been teaching piano for over three years. Not bad for 15. This isn’t to brag. It’s just to say that many things I may not have thought possible, are. I have been raised with a can attitude.

How long will it take?
Well, that is up to you:) My goal is to reach this by the age of 16.

How can I help Dakota?
I thought you would never ask!

It’s simple: Put my pianolessongirl link in your toolbar.
Here’s how. It’s simple just click on the gold star with the green arrow in your toolbar. You Favorites Starwill instantly see Piano Lesson Girl.net show up on your toolbar. Next time you want to shop at Amazon for anything, just click on my site from your toolbar and go to the Amazon search box. It’s that simple. Thank you in advance for shopping through my links. Smiley face!

Any time you are going to buy anything through Amazon, shop from my link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but I make a little bit off of everything you buy if it’s done through pianolessongirl. Easy.

Is this just for musical equipment?
No, that’s the best part. Amazon will give me a small commission on anything you buy as long as you go through my site.

What if I don’t shop at Amazon? Can I still help?
No. Leave my site immediately.

Just kidding!
Yes. If you use any other services that are offered on my site besides Amazon, it will help. I’m not asking anyone to buy anything unless they were going to anyway. I realize that times are tight. But if you were going to, please do it through my site.

Why should I help?
You can be part of the solution not the problem:) It costs you nothing extra, and yet, someone else gets to benefit from what you were doing anyway. Win/win!

Anything else?
Yes. If you want to be part of the pianolessongirl goal, you can share this with others.

Enjoy the travels (and shopping) on your musical journey.

~Piano Lesson Girl

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