My Review Of The Snark SN-1 Guitar Tuner

Looking for the best guitar and bass tuner on the planet? Look no further.

With over 800 buyers giving it a 5 star rating, the Snark is the real deal.

The Snark SN-1 Guitar Tuner is an inexpensive, but fantastic, electronic tuner. I love everything about this tuner. It has a battery saving feature that basically puts the tuner into sleep mode after 10 seconds and then turns completely off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

The BPM indicator is really handy and can be operated two different ways; either by tapping the BPM button once, which then defaults to 100 BPM and can be further adjusted to the desired BPM by pushing the up or down buttons on the back of the unit to achieve your desired BPM setting. Once it’s set, the red colored, heart shaped display pulses to the BPM you set.

If you use a capo, you’ll be pleased to discover this tuner works easily with the capo. You simply push the “flat” button on the back to either “1”-“2”-“3” or “4”, corresponding to the capo position; 1’st fret, 2nd fret and so on. Tune as you normally would and the Snark guitar and bass tuner accommodates the capo position and indicates when you’re in tune.

The Snark has a very secure grip on your guitar headstock and it’s rubber pads will help prevent any damage to your precious instrument. It’s probably best to take the Snark guitar tuner off when you don’t need it just to ensure it doesn’t mar the surface of your instrument.

You know how difficult it can be to tune your guitar or bass accurately when you’re in a noisy environment? Well the Snark eliminates that problem as ambient noise really doesn’t affect it. It’s picking up the frequency of the string from your instrument and therefore works well even when you can’t hear what the heck is going on. The bright, color display clearly indicates when your tuning is spot-on.

The features include:

  • Chromatic tuner for acoustic, electric and bass guitars
  • Metronome (BPM) indicator with a range from 40-250
  • Pitch calibration from 415-466 Hz
  • Adjustment that allows you to tune your guitar even while using a capo

Tuning your guitar has never been easier or more accurate. And it’s inexpensive enough to have a couple of them wherever you need them.

If you’ve been needing a tuner to make sure you’re ‘in tune’ the Snark will not let you down.

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