My Review of the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell Case

Like roots stemming from a tree, the flute is an instrument with a variety of origins. No instrument is as ancient or persevering as the flute. Accordingly, for over 40,000 years, the flute has found itself being incorporated as a key ingredient in global culture and music. Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have used wind pipes to commune with spirits (some still do). Japanese use flutes in a variety of music-related rituals. In contemporary music (since Theobald Böhm created the Western concert flute), the flute has spread vastly across a great array of musical genres. Outside of classical music, you will often hear this wind instrument played in jazz, folk, rock, and many other musical forms. Whether you are striving to recapture a hint of melody from a time where dragons and monsters were considered real, or to modernize one of the world’s most recognizable sounds, buying a flute begins and ends with research.

Flutes are, because of their complex design and make, naturally expensive. Luckily, companies like LJ Hutchen are working hard to provide affordable flutes to the Jean-Pierre Rampal’s of the future. The LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell case is one such economically feasible product. Even with the nice tag-price, however, a flute needs to be properly investigated before purchasing. A potential buyer of the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute turns to reviews in order to ensure top notch quality in sound, build, and cost and this flute has, thus far, received glowing feedback. Let’s review.


The LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell case has been spotted on sale on Amazon for $219 (sold by Hyson Music). This price is a steal and worth immediate purchase, no doubt about it. The regular price, in the $400 range, is a little more debatable. A strictly beginner flute model can be purchased for between $150-200. If you choose to go cheap for your first flute, then you will soon find yourself in need of a new instrument as you progress. Specifically, you are liable to have problems with the keys sticking, becoming loose, and falling apart. Renting a flute can become expensive.

Quality student flutes typically run from $400-$600, placing this particular flute at the lower end of this category’s price range. LJ Hutchen offers a model of flute suitable for novices with room to grow into intermediacy and beyond, saving you the money of an additional purchase. The cost of the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute reflects the family-owned company’s mission: to provide quality instruments at an affordable price. Their stated goal has been ratified by a bulk of its online customer reviews, the vast majority of which contend that you will not discover a better price for this class of flute. If you are dedicated to the instrument, you are better served spending the extra money forthwith on an instrument that has an authentic look and feel as does the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute.

Sound Quality

The Silver C Flute delivers a high performance grade tone that has been well received and endorsed by a vast number of music teachers. The overall tone is rich and packed while remaining clear and concise. This flute scales really well. Using a key-configuration tailored to fit all sizes of hands, the flute’s sound flows up and down throughout its wide range with dexterity. The pitch might waver a little bit during only the highest and most strongly blown notes (a sign that you are ready for a more expensive, professional grade flute). You can listen to a short demo and further description of the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute below, courtesy of Hyson Music.

Durability and Appearance

Two areas that economically-focused instruments often fail to reconcile are durability and appearance. Often for such a low price you receive one or the other. Either your instrument will last, or it will look good for a short while and then fall to pieces. A quick review of the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute reveals that you will not have to compromise one aspect for the other. The Silver C Flute is graced with a gold-plated crown. The metallic look of the flute contrasts nicely with the plush-lining of the case. Instrument and case alike are fashioned for sturdiness and do not disappoint.

Very few customers have reported instrument wear over long periods of time. The case can absorb good shock while offering solid protection to the flute. The flute and case combination is one that you can proudly send your child to school with while resting assured your new investment will be safely kept. The entire apparatus weighs about five pounds and is easily transported.


Hyson Music, the retailer of LJ Hutchen’s products, has reported that less than 1% of purchasers return this product. This flute rarely needs repairs, but some isolated complaints have included air leaking out of an unsealed key, a loose tuning cork, a tight head joint, among a few other minor issues. Proper, routine maintenance of the flute is required, as is the proper adjustment of the head joint. Hyson and other companies will almost assuredly replace any flute found with a deficiency at no cost to the consumer.

The Company

LJ Hutchen has been creating affordable products of high quality for over a decade. Their products are made in the USA and are kept to a high standard. They value customer service and support above anything else and are more than willing to help you via phone with your musical needs. All of their products are double-tested prior to being shipped. The company that retails LJ Hutchen’s products, Hyson Music, is equally reputable and helpful.


To sum up the LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute, this instrument is a steal at its current price. It is made by a reputable, family-owned company. The retailer, Hyson Music, provides exceptional customer care. The instrument enjoys a sleek look while maintaining many years’ worth of structural integrity. A convincing survey of Silver C Flute owners shows an overall satisfaction with LJ Hutchen’s product. The plush-lined case compliments and protects the metallic instrument. With this product, you receive show-worthy sound at a novice’s price.

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