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Write a Review and Earn Money

Looking to make a few dollars? Good, you’re on the right page. Piano lesson girl (me 🙂 ) is offering compensation for written reviews on specific products.

How does all this work? Here are the steps.

Please read in entirety:

1) First go to this page and check out the review on the Casio PX-130 Piano.

This will give an idea of what is expected. It can be quite a task if you’ve not done one before.

2) Choose a product that is on this page (listed below).

3) Email me at soprano@pianolessongirl.net and let me know which product you have chosen, as I will take it off the list. Experience isn’t necessary, but please tell me a little about yourself. I will then email you back as a confirmation. Please do not begin until I send a confirmation.

4) You can then write an awesome review! An awesome review will have a minimum of 500 words that are keyword optimized. It WILL NOT be copied from another site, or compensation will not be made. The only thing that can be word for word are customer reviews. Everything else (including product description) must be in your words. Some products may be harder to describe. You can go into more details about a certain aspect of the product. For instance: the type of wood used comes from a certain tree that grows only in a certain region, etc.

5) Send the review in a file (notepad, microsoft word, etc.) to soprano@pianolessongirl.net.

6) I will look over the review and either confirm that it is awesome J Or, send it back with revisions needed. If new to this it may take a few back and forths to reach the awesome point. Then, it will be like clock-work.

7) Get paid! The current rate being paid is $17.00 per review. It is more than twice what fiverr has on their site. I look at it as win/win. I can pay a few different ways: instantly w/ paypal or Amazon gift card, or within 7 days with a money order sent to the address of your choice.

It’s that simple.

Now for some products:

Bach B188 Stradivarius Bb Bass Trumpet (B188 Lacquer)

Dillon 995 BBb Tuba

Miraphone 1292 New Yorker Series 5-Valve 5/4 CC Tuba

Yamaha Ybl- 822g Xeno Bass Trombone

Conn- Selmer Trombone Outfit -Prelude

Single French Horn F Key

Conn Vintage 8D French Horn (Nickel Screw Bell)

Mendini MV200 Natural Solid Wood Violin + Extra set of Strings, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin & Case in 4/4 (Full Size)

D Z Violin 801F Full Size 4/4 Professional Handmade Violin Flower Inlay w/ $600 Free Gift


Franz Werner Concert Cello

Cecilio CCO-Purple 4/4 (Full Size) Student Cello Outfit in Metallic Purple Varnish

Cecilio 2Series CT-28BL Blue ABS B Flat Clarinet w/ Accessories & Case

Cecilio 4Series CT-480 Ebony Wood B Flat Clarinet w/ Hard Shell Carrying Case & Accessories

Cecilio FE-280BNG 2Series Black Nickel Plated Flute

Cecilio FE-380BNG 3Series Advanced Open/Closed-Hole C Flute w/ B Foot Joint in Black Nickel Plated Body with gold tone finish Keys

De Rosa DRM312-RD Children’s 3 Piece 12 Inch Drum Set with Chair, Red

Roland TD-20SX V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX950K Electronic Drum Kit

Sound X SMI-1458 Electronic Drum Set

Alright, there you have it. Pick one and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy your musical journey,

~ Piano Lesson Girl


P.S. If I see that your work is higher quality and few if any revisions are needed, I am willing to negotiate future reviews.

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